Sunday, November 27, 2005

Twas the night before football

Twas the night before football
and all through the house
The cat was purring on the couch
like he had just eaten a mouse

The beer was stacked
out in the garage.
To keep it cold
before the drinking barrage.

But the cold weather
and snow was now gone.
How was I going to get this beer cold
before the break of dawn?

With two cases in my arms
and a buzz you can’t beat,
I went up the stairs
as people picked through garbage on the street

I laid the cases by the fridge,
my brain a blurry
I was going to stock it
but first had to pee.

Next thing I know,
I woke in a fright
My God what had I done?
The beer was out all night!!!

I looked at the beer
and I admit I wept
They were getting warm
all while I slept.

With my brain in a daze
and my hair a mess
I stocked the fridge
trying not to be depressed.

I can’t help but feel
I treated the beer bad
It has been a trusty friend
One of the best I had.

But they are getting cold
and they will do their job.
Quenching the thirsts
of our little football mob.


Erik said...

Very nice. You must've been more awake than it sounded. heh

Blonde said...

Lovely poem, my friend.

In the time it took you to write that, you could have charged your phone and called me back.

Aleta said...

Never fear....the beer was cold

Hey Jo said...

I have to concur... the beer was deliciously cold and the food was yummy. Thanks for your hospitality!!