Saturday, November 26, 2005

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After proving myself to be a master plumber, I headed out for some food. I had strung my friend along having him think I would meet him for lunch when I really wasn't. Yeah, I am an ass. So instead we lupper, or linner in your prefer. Hey, if someone can make up the word "brunch", I can make up lupper and linner.

We braved the elements to head out to Hooters. Cuz, Hooters makes you happy! I was a bit surprised that the streets weren't being cleaned up. Didn't look like any salt trucks were out. Thus the travel was a bit slow, but when you can pop it in 4 wheel drive, you can get anywhere. Just make sure you have room to brake.

I then headed up to Big Mama's to watch the Badger game. But instead a poker game broke out and I got roped into that. For the record, I also missed Randy's call. I did return the Blonde's calls but she was now playing hard to get. Where's the love?

So basically I played poker and ignored the football game. Made some money and had a good time. DJW was trying to do the 24 beers in 24 hours. I had wanted to give it a try but forgot about it. I may have to put that on the agenda for next week. DJW made a valiant attempt but had no strategy. I don't think he thought this one through and didn't understand the rules. I will just have to step up and show him how it is done.

I have already shoveled and done some laundry. I have the cleaning lady coming over today. This may not be the best thing afterall. Yesterday when I was working on the toilet, I made a small mess. I looked at it and thought of just leaving it for the cleaning lady. See, this may make me even messier. I brought in the paper and just through it on the floor after reading it. She can pick that up to. I wonder if I can also get her to bring me beer...


Blonde said...

Leave it for the cleaning lady. That is what you are paying her to do: CLEAN UP AFTER YOU. You are going to end up sleeping with her, I just know it...

I was on a bit of a bender yesterday. I hope I didn't say anything dirty or inappropriate on your vmail.

J. Gambino said...

I am quite certain the blonde was once a cleaning lady. Seems quite knowledgable in the way it works.

WhisKeYGyrL said...

Was thinking the same thing Gambino!!

Blonde said...

Sorry, but the Blonde was never a cleaning lady. No one can clean my house as well as I do, and I have fired the few I hired for this reason. Which is strange because I am obsessive compulsive about cleanliness so my house is never dirty in the first place.

However, many of my guy friends have ended up sleeping with their cleaning ladies. They are turned on by the "taking care of the house, not speaking and then leaving" thing that cleaning ladies are paid to do.

Besdies, Stb has to nail her because that is what George Costanza would do.

I am drunk and rambling again. You should answer your phone once in awhile, Stb.