Sunday, November 06, 2005

Uh...I meant hockey. Yeah, the Badgers will win Saturday on the ice

Yeah, I did some talking the other night about the Badgers. It was during a dial-a-shot with Al. The lovely bartender Terri, a Wisconsin native, had to mention that she went to Penn State. She mentioned the game and before the brain could come up with something smart, the mouth jumped in with some trash talking. And I thought they were tag team partners?

Yeah, that was a pounding. Inside I knew the Badgers weren't going to do well, but you have to support your team. No matter what happens. So I was out supporting team yesterday.
And Miller Brewing company.

I would say that is a decent bill. The group was drinking bottles when I got there. That wasn't good enough for me. I had to have the 23oz glasses. That is when the beer envy started. They kept looking over, admiring it, talking about how big it is.

But then a funny thing happened. The "Happy Miller Lt" showed up on the bill. My 23oz were now on special due to happy hour. Sweet! Then everyone had to have one.

I don't necessarily think it was because of the price. It was because of this tune. Every time someone said Happy Lite, I broke into this song. All you heard from me was Whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo. Again and again. Pretty soon everyone was doing it. Of course, after that amount of consumption, you can guess we weren't exactly quiet. I was waiting for one of the gangsta thugs by the window to come over and tell us to shut up.

After the game I went to a friend's house for a party that was just ok. Nothing too exciting. I snuck out just before 1. Figured an 11 hour binge was good enough.

And the Badgers did win beating the Fighting Sioux of North Dakota ( I hate the Sioux!!!), on both Friday and Saturday nights. So the weekend was a total Badger bust.

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