Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday Monday

Mondays don't really bother me much. I am used to getting little sleep on Sunday and dragging my butt through the day. Even though I didn't drink too much yesterday, I still didn't sleep well. I think it was the burros that we had for dinner. They were damn good. But that one drop of Dave's Insanity Sauce sent my stomach a turning. That is some seriously hot shit.

But as I was saying, Mondays don't bother me much. Unless something goes wrong early. Usually it will be traffic but today my garage door opener decided to come to the forefront and stop working. It opened ok but refused to close. I think it is dead. Either way, I need to get it fixed or replaced and the call will be made today. Can anyone recommend someone good for the job?

Otherwise the weekend was fine. Drank half a bottle of Makers Mark at Big Mama's on Friday night. I just about succeeded in getting Dave to shoot beer out of his nose. I was so close on two occasions. I gave up when he decided to go Charo for the night. It was jealousy. I was getting Heather's cherry and he didn't like it. She gave him a little juice and it riled him up. He exclaimed "You are trying to get me all hoochie coochie!". Now, either he is planning on joining the cast of the Love Boat or he has coochie on the mind. Either way, if you see Dave Charo, say hi.

Saturday was a bit better as can be seen by the bar tab in the previous post. I did find it humorous that half of the group left BW3s to go to Hooters to get wings. Just more proof that Hooters makes you happy! Shockingly enough, I didn't go to Hooters. I went to a party instead. It was quite dead. There was just one person there when I arrived. Thankfully others showed up. The party was ok at best. Problem was it was the same old people. Same old chicks, no new blood. I was a little hooched up but I was going to play Jimmy Dean and try to go for a pork roll.

Yeah, Mondays don't bother me much. Just another day of the week. Except I probably won't have a drink. Not even for football tonight. Not a fan of Monday Night Football. It annoys me that I have to wait another week to see the Cowboys play. And they have a wounded bird in their sights. Time to pull out the six-shooter and finish it off! I like their chances. Any takers?


Blonde said...

My abstinence project bet has me suicidal. what have I learned from this experience? To stop fucking betting people.

Sorry, not betting you anymore. Or with anyone for that matter.


djw said...

I had forgotten all about the 'beer out my nose'. Great Time--Great Time!!

BigMike said...

What sort of bet are you looking for? Bets take on so many forms. I usually refrain, but could be persuaded depending on the terms...