Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Back in the warmth

It feels so much better to be in a warm house once again. Even the cat is happy. And we all know how much better a happy pussy is.

The dude who fixed my furnace knew what the problem was right away. The blinking circuit board told him what the problem was. Seems the leak I had was pretty bad and had sent water into an air sensor. Not a good thing apparently. Within a half hour, I had heat.

Nice. Not too bad of a hit to the checkbook either.

So I took the extra time to go and get my oil changed in the truck. It should have been done a month ago but I had forgotten. I went to one of those insta places and it took nearly an hour. WTF?

The whole crew was a bunch of slackers. One of them broke the printer and they basically shut down because of it. I did get 10 bones off of my bill so I was fine with that. The manager was a nice kid who was apolgetic. But the guy who waited a half hour behind of me and left couldn't have been too happy.

I still have a bit of shopping to do. I need to get my ma something as well as my sister and her hubby. I am leaning on dinner for them or some wine. But I am somewhat clueless for my mother. Last year I got her the Elf dvd which is funny because she doesn't have a dvd player. Yeah, go get her the damn player. No! Because that makes sense and is too easy. I want to get her something else. And I have no clue what that is. C'mon and give me some ideas people!

My cleaning lady (that sounds pretty good) is coming over tonight. I looked around and was gonna pick some stuff up but decided not to. That is her job now. Same with the dishes. No more dish pan hands for me! Now I need to find out if she will do a beer run...

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