Monday, December 19, 2005

Pauly summarizes it so well

Pauly has a great post up on Vegas. It reminded me about something I had forgotten to mention here.

It was the last night in Vegas. A bunch of us were in the AlCantHang suite just hanging out drinking his booze. It was just before 1 am when I left. I was just sitting there observing people. CJ and Jaxia were on the floor talking. Al and Heather were playing poker. Big Mike was sitting in a chair. Chad and Bob were talking about either going to gamble or crashing. Iggy was leaning up against the wall. Derek was meandering about. A bunch of people were outside talking and smoking on the balcony.

Someone walked by me and noticed I was sitting their quietly. I can't remember who it was, but they thought I was drunk and going to pass out. Yeah, I was a tad drunk and pretty damn tired, but I wasn't going to pass out. No, I was just soaking it up. I was a bit sad because it was the last night. Last time I would see a great group of friends I had made over the last number of months. I just didn't want the moment to end, but time wasn't going to cooperate. I looked over the crowd, smiled to myself that I could be here and enjoy the company of such cool people.

In June someone had remarked to me that FARGO and BARGE (other poker gatherings for online people) was much bigger and better than WPBT gatherings. That may be nice. But to me, they won't compare to this group. Don't see how they could even come close.


Blonde said...

That was the sweetest thing I have ever heard (actually read) anyone say about their friends.

How did you ever find time to give me dirty drunk dials?

StB said...

I am such a softy.

Huge Junk said...

That was totally gay.

Actually I kid, it was very well put.

Anyhow, you should have had the foresight to offer up a deal for the money I owed you. I could either pay you the full amount, or you could take the amount of my average session loss over my week there as your payout.

You would have had much more money with the latter. Much freaking more.