Saturday, December 31, 2005

Boobs for dessert

Dinner was good last night. A great group of people together, enjoying booze and a fine meal. The Hurricanes went down fast, the KC strip was delicious, and the conversation was never boring.

Tried some crabcake and found it to be ok. I was going to try some of the catfish but that got wolfed down. In the end, I realize I still do not have a taste for seafood.

After supper, we were to go back to Cor's house for more booze and whatever. For some reason Cor thought everyone was going to sing karaoke. Uh, yeah, no way was I doing that. I fixed myself a nice Bacardi and Coke and settled in, waiting for the others to arrive.

But they didn't.

They decided they needed some to see strippers for dessert. Convenient when there is a small strip club just down the street from the restaurant. However, they didn't tell anyone they were going. They joked about it after the meal but no one thought they were serious.

Now I have a small problem with that. First, do not say you are doing one thing and then bail without telling people what you are truly doing. Second, if you are heading to see boobs, let me know! Hook a brother up! I like breasts as much as the next guy- probably even more- and would have gone.

By the time they admitted where they were, it was somewhat late. And I wasn't quite in the looking-at-boobs mood any more. I would rather be feeling them. Besides, the "talent" at this place is not good. At one time is was referred to as the Pigpen (when it was named the Playpen). Not much has changed, I am sure.

Happy New Years everyone. Now go get drunk and stupid. But don't drive if you shouldn't.

Oh and one other thing. I saw this guy on TV the other day. Can that hair be for real???? Talk about a helmet! I wish on his site that one of the topics was "hair".


Hey Jo said...

You realize that you can never sing karaoke without the Stevette's, don't ya?? It is in the rules.

Have a good New Year's if we don't see you tonite. Keep the phone ready for some dial-a-shots!

fredrick said...

Hey you didnt you lik emy elf shoes and my white shirt lol i am fucked up love you hun and thanks agian for sharing it with me

djw said...

What did you share? I think I'm jealous.