Sunday, January 01, 2006

I was there to watch football. Where were you?

It was about 10 hours after my arrival that I left the bar. There were many beers, shot and attempted dial-a-shots-of which only the King of the dial-a-shot returned. Yeah, I might have been a bit hooched. But it was a good drunk.

I left disappointed that my Cowboys were not going to be in the playoffs. But they had their chance to make it happen but they just didn't deliver. A good season gone down the drain.


Yet somehow I did win my fantasy league. Yeah, the same one that I bitched about. I am one Ben Franklin richer so I do not care about the BS behind it. Don't matter cuz I won. Say what you want. I also won both halves in the Packer game so that was good too.

I am hooched and playing poker so this is coming to an end. Come up to Jerseys tomorrow and drink a couple of beers with me if you are in the neighborhood.

By the way, can you tell this is a drunken post? It took me a good half hour to post this as I pecked away at my keyboard. I am a bit drunk. Yeah, just a bit. I could kill for a pizza.


djw said...

I just polished off a Tombstone and now I'll try to get some sleep. I may see you tomorrow night for happy hour.

djw said...

I mean tonight.