Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cruise control

I am done working. Though I have an hour left, I am on cruise control. Vacation mode.

I checked with the airline and found out there is some room on earlier flights so I won't be leaving at the end of the day now. But I have not decided on whether to go at 8 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon. The later flight allows me to sleep in, relax, and still get into Vegas just before nightfall.

That is the way I am leaning right now but having an extra 5 hours of booze and gambling is very enticing.

Look for some audio entries while I am gone. Those are usually pretty damn stupid and embarassing but you degenerates seem to like them.

1 comment:

Erik said...

Enjoy Sin City. Get yourself stewed, screwed, and maybe even tattooed if you run out of things to do. With all the poker going on there, I doubt that you'll run out of things to do, tho.

Hope ya win big.