Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My morning kinda sucks, how about yours?

It pretty much started yesterday when my "new" garage door decided it didn't want to close itself anymore. I played with the damn thing for 10 minutes in 15 degree weather before giving up. Later I would look at the manual, try a couple things and give up again. The damn blinking light says I need to either clear an obstruction by the safety sensors (there is no obstruction) or call a technician. Fuggin great!

Of course I go online to check out where I can call someone for this brand and it appears the company is out of business. WTF? This just sucks. I am hoping it is a cold weather thing but realize that won’t do me squat in the long haul. What good is it if it won’t open during the winter? I live in Wisconsin afterall.

When I get to work today, I somehow misplaced a check I had with me. I may have dropped it on the walk in. So I backtracked where I was and couldn’t find anything. It would have been dropped in a secured area so hopefully someone sends it up to me in the company mail. It was a voided check so it isn’t really a big deal, beside running around looking for what I dropped.
Man, I need a vacation. Well, what do you know? I am leaving tomorrow. I will be checking with the airline to see if I can fly earlier in the day instead of in the evening. I am still somewhat pissed that I forgot I had taken the day off. But if I can get into Vegas earlier then all will be good.

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WhisKeYGyrL said...

STB I feel your pain with the whole dayum garage door thing! Mine is closed and locked and I am not opening it ever again. Because if I do, then I will probably never get it closed and will have to pay for a new one...SO problem solved it's not going to be opened. Not that I can park in there anyway!!