Monday, December 26, 2005

Gifts, returns and after Christmas sales

I enjoyed Christmas this year. I think my family has finally learned to let me do my thing. I actually got some good stuff too. I did get a schlocky gift and some worthless gifts but overall the getting was good. On the giving side, I stick with giving one big item rather than lots of smaller items. This worked out nicely too. One of my nieces loved the Furby I got her. The middle child wanted to break into the donuts that I got her (along with a toy and some dvds). The youngest had not clue what the hell was going on. She sat on the Lego music maker more than she played with it. Go figure.

I also gave the oldest niece a facewash. She can be an annoying brat at times and doesn't care to listen when you tell her to stop it. She was warned by me. Then by her father. In the end I dragged her outside and administered a good face washing. She learned her lesson. For at least a couple of hours.

I was a bit disturbed by one of the gifts she got as well. A big lipstick tube and held something inside. No clue what it was suppose to be but it looked like a big dildo that she was carrying around. Not quite the gift I would buy her but my brother's wife was clueless.

I looked at the stuff I got this morning and thought of what I will do with some of them. I won't use them. And I don't do returns. Not worth my time to go through that hassel unless it is something I truly like and just need something differen like a size. So who wants to trade me for a heated travel mug?

Finally, I could help but notice all of the post Christmas clearance sales. Why don't liquor stores have these? That is the one sale I would get up for the early bird sale.


Aleta said...

The big think in the tube was probably a Mr. niece also got one.

StB said...

No, it wasn't a Mr. Microphone in the dildo like container. She would have been annoying the crap out of us if it was.

J. Gambino said...

I will trade you something better than what I gave you. I hope you at least liked the cookies. You give me the "electronic device" back and I will give you something else that requires batteries.

Hey Jo said...

I too had to do some returns today. Mom got me the sweater in size XL. Has she not noticed that I have lost weight and XL is way too big?? The other was a sewing basket...yes, a sewing basket. Don't ask me what the hell I was going to do with that. I returned both items today. What is funny is all I asked for was gift cards for various stores or a calendar for work. Didn't get either of those. Why do they bother asking me what I want if they are not going to get it for me.

Remember to save one of your 'bad' gifts for the White Elephant exchange on New Year's.

AWE said...

I was shocked this year when my sister got me a buffer for my car. I drive an old used van for work that I stop and spray off at least once a year, so you know the buffer is never getting opened. The bad thing is, she gave me hell about what I buy her. I did my homework, then went and bought her some clothes and she really liked them.

I told her next year I wanted a gift card from Starbucks.

Blonde said...

I thought that you are a RE-GIFTER so save that shit and regift it next year.

I will trade you my panties that say "Let's French" on the butt for that mug. The panties were a joke, but I don't wear panties so I don't need them.

Happy New Year

StB said...

I don't know Blonde. Panties are one of those things guys EARN, not accept in trade.