Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A gift for me

You know what? Yesterday had the makings of being one boring day. One really boring day.

Unless you were going to head out to a store to return crap you received but didn't want, it had the makings of being a long boring day. Daytime TV sucks. How Tony Danza or Tyra Banks got a talk show is beyond comprehension. It appears that the mindless crowd that sits at home all day either ignores TV or can't spell TV. That would explain how those clowns have shows. I must be getting one next year at this rate.

And if it isn't a talk show, it is a court show. How many different court shows do we need? Simply put, if I can't watch Judge Wapner dispense justice, then I ain't watching any other stupid TV court show. Hey, you have to have some standards.

So I heeded a higher calling and went out for lunch at Hooters. It was like a Christmas present to myself. Well, that and a bottle of Maker's Mark. That is where I saw what belongs in my wallet. The Hooters Card. I couldn't believe it at first, but it is a real thing with real rewards. By using this card, it would be like they are paying me to eat their wings. Does it get any better?

Well, not really. You can earn free gift cards but the rate is basically the same as any other credit card at 1% per dollar spent. Of course it jumps to 5% on purchases at Hooters. Maybe some of those dorks that go there every single day (that may be another post in itself) just to hang out- stop pointing at me!- can earn enough points to pay for their sodas or something. Maybe the best way to get major points would be to fly Hooters Air to Las Vegas, stay at the Hooters Casino (opening next year), and put everything on your card. That may get you the $50 gift card.

Well, all this Hooters talk is beginning to make my mind wander. Can't do anything about it at work. Except check out the sweater kittens around. But it has been too warm here lately. Most of the snow has melted. I need for it to get cold again so more ladies will wear sweaters.

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Erik said...

Tight sweaters and other tight tops worn by lovely women are a godsend at work. The only bad thing is that you can't compliment them like you should or want to because you're at work. Enjoy the view, man.