Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It's just a fantasy

Yeah, it is just a game. But when the game becomes a joke, it becomes a pisser of a game.

I was in a small fantasy football league this year with friends. Small as in 6 teams. I went out and compiled a 13-2 record. Second place is at 9-6 while the other 4 teams are below .500. Yet, for some reason there are playoffs.

Why are there playoffs with a 6 team league? It makes no sense. Now that we are in the last two weeks of the NFL season, my guys like Palmer, Johnson, Gates, may be sat down so they are ready for the playoffs. Basically the "powerhouse players" such as a Samkon Gado or any other crappy player on a crappy team will decide who is the "champion".

Then again, I didn't take this league too seriously throughout the year. I wonder why I am now? I guess because the sweet taste of victory is about to be snatched right out of the beer mug in my hand. Not right.

My boss is out on Friday so I can mail it in. I think I will be out for a couple on Thursday. Who's with me?

I still have to buy those gifts for my sis and mom. After the outpouring of ideas I received, I know exactly what to get them. NOT.

But I got to thinking about what I will probably get. I have family members that absolutely hate it when they get gift cards. They think it is impersonal. I would rather get the gift cards than some of the stuff I do get. For example, I received this shiny shirt/sweater thing last year. One look at it and I knew there was no way in hell I was wearing that. In fact, it sat in a box under an end table by the couch until last month. Now it has been moved to a spare room where it will end up being donated to charity.

I should have done that with the big turtle neck shirt I got as well. I don't do turtle necks. I hate the way they feel on my, well, neck. Makes me feel like I am being choked. I do have one that I do like but I don't wear it that often. Maybe I will give this other one another shot as the colors are somewhat ugly that they are cool.

Then there is the combination taco/fajita/burrito grill and tortilla warmer I received a couple of years back. That has been in the spare room ever since coming into the house. I have no room nor need for something like that.

See, a gift card would be nice. Then I could get something I could really use. If someone would just ask me what I would like I could tell them. I am not that hard to shop for. My list would include the following: A wok and a bottle of Maker's Mark. See. Not tough at all. Oh yeah, I could use a new mailbox too. See that is it, a wok, a bottle of Maker's Mark and a mailbox. And a paddle ball game. That is all I need. A wok, a bottle of Maker's Mark, a mailbox, a paddle ball game. And this chair. (Ok, if you don't get the movie reference then leave now. I don't have time to explain.)

In the meantime, who is willing to swap the taco/fajita/burrito thingy for a wok or mailbox? I would ask for the Maker's but the whisky is definately worth more than the grill.


Aleta said...

No, not Thursday...Friday. Hmmm...maybe both nights.

J. Gambino said...

Thursday & Friday work for me . I was planning to go out for a big mouth as I have something for Heather. Okay Bull, how about I put together a nice candle basket for your Mom, with a pretty holder or something. I did get some nice things in my last purchase. I even have a shrink wrap thing to put around it to make it look nice and professional. Then you could maybe get her a nice gift card to a salon or something? Maybe a coupon book for lawn mowing? Oh wait, you already do that.

Meet you for the Big Mouths!

StB said...

It is a nice thought but flammable items would not be a good idea. Too many books around.

I should get her a ham.

WhisKeYGyrL said...

A ham???? Oh lord! I'd go with Gambinos idea.. Or how about a gift card for something more specific... ie massage, manicure... I have a few people who dont like gift cards as well however they enjoyed the specific one for a massage... Good luck! Merry Christmas! =)

Hey Jo said...

How come you are not ready to give up your fab hockey game thingy from last year's White Elephant exchange?!?! I would trade a wok for that!!

djw said...

as I read that I started laughing and wondering if you were going to lead into the paddle ball game--Good One!!! Let's see: WED Buckets-THURS: stb,gambino,etc-FRI: Aleta, gambino, etc. Welcome To The Weekend!!!!

djw said...

you still have that hockey game!?!

StB said...

I gave the hockey game away at the White Elephant party earlier this year.

P&K have it.