Saturday, December 24, 2005

One early present

A Dallas Cowboys victory! Hopefully it isn't too little too late. Playoffs would be nice.

I was "watching" the game via and their game stats. Cowboys got a huge break when they tried to kick the tying field goal that went wide right. However, a flag on the play for running into the kicker gave them a new set of downs. I noticed that they had the play under review. I wish I could find out for what. Were they reviewing whether the defensive player ran into Cundiff? I didn't think that was a reviewable play.

Moments later, Bledsoe to Glenn, TOUCHDOWN!

Merry Christmas everyone.


All Things Dave said...

I have "watched" many a Steelers game via kind of like a poor man's DirecTV NFL Season ticket.

Merry Christmas. I enjoyed reading your blog this past year.

AlCantHang said...

They were reviewing whether Peppers got a piece of the ball before running into the kicker. If he got a hand on the ball, it wouldn't be running into the kicker.