Saturday, December 24, 2005

Damn they arrived!

Last Saturday I went online to buy presents for my nieces. Because my sister was absolutely no help in giving me ideas, I went to find the most loud and obnoxious things I could find. They were to arrive yesterday. One package did come in early, but I noticed that the other hadn't even been shipped. I checked Amazon each day wondering when the damn stuff was going to be sent. It looked hopeless.

Yesterday I even received an email apologizing for the delay and giving me the option to cancel the order entirely. Being the lazy bum that I am, I figured whether it arrived on time or not, I was not going to a store to shop. Not like I have kids that are getting presents late.

But this morning the package arrived. Of course the UPS guy just dumped it on my front porch. Is ringing a bell that hard? Oh wait, that doorbell doesn't work. I guess knocking is a chore too.

So now I have to wrap this stuff. I am the worst present wrapper too. I never use a scissors. I just rip it apart and tape big swathes of paper together. Hey, it all gets thrown out anyway!

I also intend to get the little one some donuts only because my sister had to comment that she would love some. Plus, I should get the brother in law something.

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