Thursday, December 15, 2005

Shoveling bites.

I had quite a bit of shoveling to do yesterday. Went to dig out my mother right after work. Someone had came through over the weekend and cleaned the sidewalk but not the driveway or walk up to the door. Thankfully it was not packed down like my sidewalk was and cleaning it up was easy. So was my house. But shoveling does bite.

Let’s see, what do we want to talk about today?

How about the old lady showing her wrinkly tits in the MGM poker room? Talk about throwing you on tilt. We had a mixed game going when she sat down. Right across from me. I had the worst view of them. I wanted to go buy her a turtleneck sweater and make her wear the damn thing. Tits=good. Wrinkly tits=Gross.

What else? Oh yeah. If for some reason you get a free buffet at the Imperial Palace, burn the coupon. One would think that any food would taste good after 24 hours of drinking. Nah uh. This was disgusting. It gave me a bad stomach ache. I would have stayed at the Castle if the bastard didn’t cut me off. Twice.

Can you believe I paid $19 for a 12 pack of beer? Yeah, no wonder I came back with little money. But someone needed to bring some beer to the ACHE room and I was just the man to drink do it.

I also dropped quite a bit of coin at the MGM bar. See, wrinkly tits drove me to drink. I must say though that the Sam Adams Winter Lager was mighty tasty. Plus with Iggy and Daddy holding court, why play poker? It was great meeting Daddy. Very interesting guy. Kinda guy you can kick back beers with. Just be careful it doesn’t go shooting out your nose.

Ok, enough about Vegas. You don’t want to hear those stories. Well, actually that is all I can remember. I will now go through a series of "Oh yeah, now I remember" thoughts when I read other people's stories.

Why must people re-learn to drive when it snows? Damnit woman, you do not need to go 20 mph under the speed limit with your wipers on high when the road it just wet. Yeah, I tailgated you because I wanted you to worry about someone rear ending your precious little fuckin beamer. Bitch!

Ok, I feel better now.

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