Friday, December 16, 2005

What a difference a week makes

At about this time last week, I was pissed off that I had been cut off of my precious alcohol supply at the Excalibur poker room. And I was plotting my way into getting back into booze's good graces.

Now I find myself staring at a monitor, no booze in sight. *sniff, sniff*

I haven't decided if I am putting up a tree this year. I usually have my family over at my house for Christmas Eve. This year, my sister would like everyone to go to her place. Works for me. Plus, I must admit that I have little Christmas spirit right now. Why? Because sis did not come through with any ideas on what to get my 3 nieces. She was suppose to have done that 2 weeks ago so I could have it all done by the net.

But noooooo!

I think I will get them all a boot in the ass instead.

Maybe I am going through post Vegas withdrawal. I went and grabbed a beer out of my fridge and tipped it a dollar.

Maybe it is because I have no real plans this weekend. I may end up going out for steaks with some friends on Saturday. May. Because they called me on Sunday, I returned the call yesterday (after they hung up on me on the Sunday callback) and I haven't heard anything yet. They better get back in touch with me soon. Otherwise it is Hooters and football.

Maybe it is because I have had to be sober for the last 2 days.

Maybe it is because I can't get a good poker hand to save my life lately.

Maybe it is because there is no Badger hockey game this weekend.

Maybe it is because an awesome thing happened in Iraq yesterday and there are still people that want to piss on their parade.

Maybe I just need to get another beer. That way I can make a couple of bucks.


J. Gambino said...

I have to say that after reading your blog, I lost what little spirit I had. No tree for me this year either. No point really, not when you are married to Scrooge McGrinch.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Haha! I tipped the Fridge a Dollar...classic.