Thursday, December 01, 2005

A wet rat

It was raining again Thursday morning. Harder than on Tuesday. My impression of the city is kinda low right now even after seeing some cool places last night.

Here is an idea for you hotel people in areas where it rains. Check out umbrellas to your guests. If it is raining, have them tell you their room number and give them the umbrella. If the umbrella isn't returned by the end of their stay, they are charged. You get a little advertising from them walking down the street showing your name and logo. Otherwise people those on business trips look like a wet rat when they walk the 3-4 blocks to where they need to go.

Or I could have been smart and took a cab. I like how I just thought of that. I need a drink!

Tuesday is written up below. I will have stuff to say about Wednesday but right now I need to prepare for a meeting.

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