Saturday, December 03, 2005

The opposite of Monday

Friday is naturally the opposite of Monday. End of the week vs the beginning. You don't mind going to work on Friday as much as you hate going on Monday (except for maybe the slight hangover). Friday is freedom while Monday is bondage.

My Friday was the opposite of my Monday. My travel was not pure hell. It was pretty damn good. I arrived at the airport an hour and a half before my flight so I could eat. I had no problem checking in or getting through security as the place was pretty empty. The security guy did check my briefcase. When he was done he thanked me and said "Have a nice trip" to which I responded "You too. Oh wait, you are going anywhere! Sorry bout that. Have a good one!".

I ate a good meal at an airport (ham scramble). The plane boarded in a timely fashion. I was the only one in my row so I could now spread out. Sweet! I even had plenty of legroom. It was a Delta flight. I wonder if all their planes are like this? They showed a movie during the flight (Polar Express) as well as some other crap that I ignored. I watched Hitch instead on my own DVD. I did catch the Tom Landry Sports Century piece after the movie. My DVD held up for 2 1/2 hours which is good enough for what I need.

The flight arrived 40 minutes early and that allowed me to take my time getting to the next gate and have a beer to boot. It may have been one of the best flights I have ever taken.

The connecting flight was a little puddle jumper. I think some people were coming back from a Weight Watchers convention as they all knew each other and were rather chunky. I watched one big guy squeeze into the seat, bulging the arm rest out. I got both on and off that plane with no hassle and was on my way home.

To the bar that is. I did not heed Gambino's advice on going straight home. The Wisconsin Badger hockey team was playing a big game that I had to see. That is the number one team in college hockey Badgers. I arrived at the bar, ordered a Maker's Mark and settle in. The score was tied at 1 at the end of the first. Badgers would go on to win 4-3, exorcising some demons in Minnesota. And I got a comfortable drunk going.

I took early so my cat wouldn't whine all night. Got home, checked my mail and cracked open a beer. While online, I couldn't fight the urge to play poker and earned another tourney token before crashing for the night. Put a couple calls out there but no one wanted to do shots, but that was ok.

Though it rained a lot during my stay in San Fran, I had a good time. My co-workers showed me around the city and I had some fun. I am not sure I will recap it as it may be only interesting to me. It may be more telling-stories-in-a-bar kind of talk. I mean, do you really want to hear about streets going up at 60 degree angles, eating dim sum, expensive beer, and looking at porn in Chinatown? I didn't think so.

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James Wigderson said...

Well, at least give us the porn part.