Tuesday, December 06, 2005

You can't change the weather, but you can change the music

It was twice as warm this morning when I left for work. 6 degrees. I felt like I could roll the windows down on the way to work.
The other day I was had a mixed CD playing while I was taking a shower. It wasn't one that I made but had bought for like 5 bucks many years ago. I believe it is called Hard & Heavy Vol. 2. Yeah, you are wondering if I have Vol. 1 but the answer is no.
This is one of those typical compilations where most of the songs make sense together but there is always an odd ball or two in the mix. This disc has Nugent, Mountain, Ozzy, Kansas, and Edgar Winter. Those kinds of groups I can see together. But then there is Suicidal Tendencies as well. A bit of a stretch when compared to the others. And Europe which makes even littler (yeah, it may not be a word but it is here) sense to be on the disc.
Because I am in the shower, I have no ability to turn off the Final Countdown. The song itself isn't so bad but it really lacking something. It took a minute to figure this out. I think it was when the wash cloth was cleaning my boyz that it dawn on me.
The song has no balls!
Think about it. The main rift of the song is from a keyboard, not a guitar. Plus it overall very wimpy. Like comparing Bud Light to beer. It looks like beer but isn't. Joey Tempest looks like a heavy metal singer but isn't. The song isn't heavy at all.
So I sat there thinking that some band should redo the song. Get rid of the keyboard and replace it with guitar. That would sound a lot better.
Then I got to thinking some more. What other songs or bands could be redone so they sounded better. What other groups needed balls?
The next song I thought of was from a band I still like but rarely listed to. They had the same problem Europe did. Too much keyboard, not enough ballsy guitar. Turn up the Radio? Why yes but only if Autograph can get their guitarists to play!
Now I was on a roll. Next band that should have some music redone- White Lion. Wait. Wait. I never had a guitarist. Ok, they did have some guitar but none of the songs really rocked. It was the mix. They leaned on the vocals of the pretty boy more than the sound of the axes.
I was even going to say Van Halen should have "Jump" redone. The keyboards killed that song.
How about a number of Duran Duran songs. I will argue that they did have a good guitarist. Andy Taylor could play. Hell he left the group to do some harder stuff. It wouldn't be bad for a thrash band to redo the Reflex.
There have got to be more. I know some of you can step forward. Go ahead and list songs that should be redone to give them balls.


AlCantHang said...

For no particular reason other than I'm about to post it myself......

Enjoy this link

Erik said...

Everyone has their own music preferences. Some people like the tame hair bands. Not I, however.

I swear that it's so much better to listen to CD's all day than to listen to the radio. That way the song I hear every hour on the hour is one that I like to listen to.

StB said...

Nothing like some Dangerous Toys to pick you up on a boring day. Thanks Al, I needed that.

That is the kind of ballsy guitar and lyrics some bands need.

Blonde said...

That midget Kip Winger could have used some balls :).

Blonde said...

BTW, Suicidal Tendancies...hot. One of my fave bands along with Black Flag and Bad Brains. I was listening to Bad Brains tonight while I was working out some aggression on the treadmill.

Have a safe and fun trip in Vegas! Don't do anything I wouldn't do ;(.

Feel free to Dial A Shot me from Sin City!