Monday, January 16, 2006

Boss Week

The weekend was spent in good fashion. The party at a friends house was nice even though the poker game went too long and my dog allergy kicked in. A SnG should not take 3 hours. Just shouldn't last that long. Next time I will not be such a dolt and take some drugs first.

Speaking of dolts, let's talk about those guys in Indianapolis. Anyone need Super Bowl tickets? I am sure there are plenty available in Indiana now. Shocking how, of all kickers, Vanderjadt (who cares about the spelling after that kick) missed one. Wow! After the Steelers screwed up too. Amazing.

Meanwhile, the Panthers showed what everyone outside of Chicago already knew. The Bears aren't that good. The bubble burst on the most over-rated "dynasty" Patriots team. Again, not that good but the media liked to hype them up.

The Seahawks put a smile on this Cowboys fan's face with their win. They may have some of the best linebackers in football, though I am not sure they are as fast as the Broncos' one guy.

In the end, the oncoming championship games should be good ones. Of all the teams left, I think Seattle can take it, but they need a healthy Alexander to do so. The Broncos are better than the Steelers and will confuse them with those blitzes. But of all the QBs left, I think Hasselbeck is the best. Put a great RB in the backfield with him and they can go. All they need is for the receivers to catch the ball.

The honchos are in town this week. My boss, her boss, my old bosses's boss and another guy are all coming in to Milwaukee. I don't mind as I like my boss. She is a good person on and off the job. She is very intelligent, knows her shit, and takes an easy going approach to her position. She also has the ability to turn her authority on and off, like a light switch. You know when she is dead serious (only when she has to be) about something and that you do not joke about a reply. I like that. I respect that. But most of the time when we talk we are each tossing out jokes left and right. So the week will not be bad for me.

But the downside is I will have to put up with sniveling from others. When the bosses come to town, the weasels show their true colors. I am in for a week of extra laughing at bad jokes, more "I can help you" that normal, and the fake busy routines. I can't stand people who are afraid of just doing what they do and being themselves. But my reward for putting up with the assjackets is a good meal at a nice restaurant (not sure which one yet), and some free booze. I likey the booze part.

At the most, I may need to come up with some ideas on where they should eat. Off to OnMilwaukee I go.


AWE said...

I hate it when the "Big Wheels" come to town. You always see people lining up to kiss ass.

Erik said...

I called every game this weekend except the Indianapolis game. WTF happened to that team. It was almost like they still thought it was week 16 and they didn't have to win anymore.

When the bosses are around, you just have to roll up your pants, because it's too late to save the shoes with all the bullshit everywhere. Hopefully the bosses can see right through the smokescreen.