Saturday, January 14, 2006

Thanks, I needed that!

The beer was mighty tasty last night. After coming in 4th in a tournament (tidy $200 profit) at a smoker, I headed out to a housewarming party with a good buzz already going.

The party was good. The Italian dude was drunk and I think puking in the front yard when I arrived. I grabbed a nice honey lager out of the fridge. I wish I could remember who made it. It was damn good. Honey lagers will fuck you up. A really nice beer to drink, especially during the summer. Unfortunately, one is all I would get at the party.

I took a look around the house. It was ok. Rooms were too small for my own taste. The host did have a nice shot dispenser in the kitchen. I quickly played with it, downing some Jack. I gave account of my game to Corey and shot the shit with some people from work. I put some dial-a-shots out there but got voicemails.

One of my friends wanted breakfast so I agreed to share my good fortune and buy when the party was basically done. Everyone who has someone was going home to fuck so the party died at 2.

I soon found myself driving in search of a George Webbs. The only one that was close was closed. WTF? That just ain' t right! We had to settle for a Greek restaurant instead. I burned the top of my mouth when the food arrived. It feels really nice and raw right now.

While we were eating, I took the time to piss off my liberal friend Cyndi. She is a smart woman but just can't seem to articulate her thoughts so she doesn't debate well. To set her off, I simply said that George Bush is in a position to go down as one of the best presidents we have had. Yeah, you can say the same for all presidents (well, except Carter who was a total failure), but I pointed out that there were some tough situations for him to tackle in his terms and that he has handled most well. There are some issues I think he has done poorly at but overall if you look at the economy and the world (I love it when people say his foreign policy has been a flop. Look at the Mid East and how democracy is beginning to catch on), he has done pretty good. I told her to stop looking at what the media wants us to know and look around for other sources. You can learn more by doing so.

Somewhere around 3 I crawled into bed. I had a good night, except for burning my mouth. Let's see if we can top it tonight.

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