Monday, January 23, 2006

A decision

I made a decision yesterday. One that will have an impact on my life for a period of time. Details will be forthcoming next month.

Yesterday's football games rather sucked. But I think the Super Bowl could be very good this year. I like Seattle catching points. Better offense and their defense is just as good as Pittsburgh. Both teams are playing really good football right now. I just hope the extra week off doesn't kill the momentum both are on.

There was an article in the Journal yesterday that piqued my interest. It was an article about two girls being hit by a train. I recall hearing about this back in November and was surprised to see it in the news again. The medical examiner ruled the deaths a suicide based on testimony from the train engineer and others that were interviewed. But the families are not buying it. They want the death ruling to be changed as they cannot believe their daughters would off themselves.

I agree with the parents. They should change the death ruling from suicide to murder. The girls should be charged with murdering each other. That may shake the parents out of their denial. You failed to see what was going on in your children's lives. You can't change that fact now. Sounds rather selfish on your part now. Like you are trying to collect on an insurance policy. you should spend some more time with the children you still have and make sure this tragedy doesn't happen again. Leave the medical examiner alone. He did his job. You should have done yours.


AWE said...

I thought football sucked this weekend, but the SB should be interesting.

As for the story about the girls. I think they don't want to admit the girls had a problem.

Huge Junk said...

If they want to believe their kids wouldn't commit suicide, DESPITE the conductor who told them exactly what happened, then I guess that's their choice.

I then, get to believe that these parents are deeply and profoundly retarded.

I bet these parents believe that God exists, Mary gave birth as a virgin, and that if you don't properly rub holy water on your face in the correct pattern you will go to hell, ALL WITH NO REAL PROOF, but when presented with a real live human being who clearly states that the girls walked into the path of his train despite him blowing his whistle, they don't believe it for a second.

Thanks for getting me all pissed off now.

Blonde said...

You didn't knock anyone up, did you?

Parents never want to admit that they fucked up and neglected their kids. We have a story in Philly about a 17 year old "escort" who died of a coke overdose at a "client"'s house and her co-workers dumped her dead body in the woods. This dead hooker's family is saying that she was not a hooker and never did drugs...she was a total angel. Yeah right.

James Wigderson said...

"I made a decision yesterday. One that will have an impact on my life for a period of time."
You're getting married! Congratulations!

DrBear said...

From what you've told me about him, James, I think the "big decision" may be a switch from High Life to MGD. :)

Aleta said...

Ahhh...the suspence is going to kill us..I thought at first maybe you were giving up drink for Lent. Then I shook my head and got my thoughts set straight. Why must we wait a month for this....