Friday, January 20, 2006


Boss week is done. I tried to get them to go off for drinks after work but some of them were still in meetings and my boss didn't want to leave them behind.

So I went straight to the bar and started drinking Makers Mark. Had a couple before easing into beer for the night. Makers after a hard days work is the perfect relaxant. Well, beside sex that is, but I wasn't getting any of that so the whisky had to do.

I spent most the day in a meeting downtown. The boss and I were
visiting some clients at their office by the lake. They have a magnificent view of Lake Michigan, perched right above the Milwaukee Art Museum. And I thought I had a nice view where I sit at work.

My boss was wearing this pink fuzzy sweater that was shedding all over the place. There was fuzz flying all over the place. It was a bit distracting for me and was somewhat annoying. But not as annoying at the L on the side of her left breast. At first I thought maybe that is what it meant. Left. But I didn't see an R on the other one so that was wrong. Yeah, she hadn't taken the size sticker off the sweater. But now I was in a conundrum. Do I tell her and if so, how?

If I come out and say something, it sounds like I am looking at her tits. If I don't, she risks embarrassment in front of clients. As she talked and the fuzz kept floating around, I came to a decision. I was going to keep it to myself. My boss is cool and I could have joked about it but decided to say nothing. So she walked around with a L on her boob.

After reading this, the story was much better when I told it to Gambino yesterday. Or maybe it was the drinks.

A booze muffin would kick ass right about now. Instead, since everyone had fun with breakfast and lunch, we can decide what we are drinking tonight. I haven't decided whether to play poker or watch the Badger hockey game. Right now, hockey is winning. If so, it will be a night of Miller Lite. I may sneak in a nice dopplebock first or something a bit heartier to kick off the weekend. One can drink Lite for distance, but a nice Friday beer sounds in order.

What will you be drinking?


Human Head said...

Becks Dark will be the evening libation. Cheers!

Fat Dan said...

I will probably have a Fosters Draft to start out the night and after a couple of those switch it up to the old regular..Miller Lite and lots of them. At least until the wife drags me home from the West End Tavern here in Findlay.

Aleta said...

My memory is a little fuzzy, but I think you were with us when the man came into the bar in his brand spankin new flannel shirt with the XL sticker right across the front of it. We all chuckled for a bit but then Jim went and told him. He was all about being Thankful..Didn't she look into the mirror at all?? But I've also caught the hubbie as we were exiting the house with the large sticker going down the back of the jeans.
Could be drinking Miller Lite if I can talk someone into going out tonight. I know that sounds a little boring of a drink, howeve their sales are down and I feel I owe it to them to help bring the sales back up.

J. Gambino said...

I guess I could be drinking Miller Lite and watching a great hockey game if I let someone talk me into it.

AWE said...

After last night, I don't know if I will be drinking tonight. The Pain. The Pain. I am shocked I didn't leave some screwed up comment here like I did on some other sites. Last night I started out drinking Michelob Lite, then a friend, I thought he was a friend at the time, got me on Quervo. I turn into a different person on that stuff.

If I do drink it will be just Michelob Lite.

StB said...

Mich Lite? Why not have a beer instead? Cuervo will mess you up. Bad tequila will kill you everytime.

Gambino, I expect you to have your butt planted on a bar stool next to mine as we cheer on the NUMBER 1 COLLEGE HOCKY TEAM IN THE NATION, YOUR WISCONSIN BADGERS!!!

DrBear said...

Are you sure it wasn't Laverne from Laverne & Shirley?

djw said...

Many, Many 32 ounce Pabsts!!!!! (Maybe a few Kesslers or SoCo) See you soon at Mama's (?) if that is where everyone is ending up.