Friday, January 27, 2006

Wrapped around a bottle

That is what I did last night. I wrapped my brain around a nice bottle of Makers Mark. I needed it. I earned it.

The week has been on the stressful side. Who am I kidding? The week has sucked. I feel like I am teaching kindergarten. I am tired of dealing with people. I sure didn't need for my boss to keep calling me every 10 minutes either.

Yet, the job is not complete yet. 8 hours to go. The only things that keep me sane are my online jukebox and whisky.

After work I headed out to a local eatery to have some drinks. Why we ended up at a restaurant bar I know not. However, it does bring up a bit of drinking advice I feel I must iterate. Because that is why I do. I am a giver. If there is one thing you learn today, I hope these two rules of drinking are it:
  1. Mexican food and drinking do not mix.
  2. Do not eat Mexican food at a place that is not a Mexican food place

Tacos, burritos, and enchiladas can be tasty but they will impede your progress to getting drunk. Once you have eaten those delicious morsels, they will sit in your stomach and take up precious room for alcoholly goodness. It will take you an hour to finish your beer.

I believe that is the reason tequila was invented. It is like drain cleaner. Well the taste is at least but only tequila will penetrate those refried beans and enter your blood stream.

See, it is bad enough to eat Mexican food and kill your buzz, but it is even worse to eat bad Mexican food. I made that mistake last night. Do not get fooled by the "Mexican Night" special. Stick to the places that have the Mexican sounding names. Anything with "El" or "La" something has got to be good. Not some place that serves any food.

I think it took a good hour for me to get back to drinking right. Of course it didn't hurt that H was pouring a healthly Makers and ginger for me. Amazing how half a can of ginger ale can be stretched over 5 pints. H was also on a Colorado Bulldog kick. Don't ask. I am not sure why.

I do know I woke up with a bit of a buzz and am a little wacked out this morning. The bullshit coming out of my mouth is pretty damn good. I brought my A game. All I need to do is get through the day.


AWE said...

Mexican on a buffet sucks too, of course most buffets suck. Also to add to your list, do not eat a potato, the starch eats up the alcohol.

Aleta said...

I guess I didn't read the change blog carefully...A effect on your life for a period of time.. I think it's a Lent beer, no going out during the week.