Thursday, January 26, 2006


It wasn't bad enough that I fell on my ass this morning while leaving the house. As I tried to step over a small patch of ice, I slipped on the edge and went down. Yeah, taking the stairs was the smart way to go but I was being lazy, looking for a shortcut.

It wasn't bad enough that I have a ton of stuff to try and get done at work today (so instead I type up an entry). One major task that probably won't be done by tomorrow. That is mostly out of my hands, yet I will have to take on the task of failure.

But what was bad enough were the stupid polka dots I saw all over this blog when I decided to read some comments. I mean, WTF? Was I seeing things? I shot an email to Gambino and she is all like "no, mine looks fine". Of course I go back and see that blogger has fixed everything.

No I have not been drinking already. Though I wish I was. The day is going to be a hectic one. But I must remember. There is beer at the end of the tunnel.

So even though things weren't all great, I always realize things could be worse. I could be this dolt. Did she really think she could bring a grendae on a plane? And who in the world buys a grenade as a gift for their son? The airline was right to ground her. But watch this one unfold. You will see her union sue their airline and demand she get back pay, a raise, and something for sitting on her ass for a couple of days as a bonus.

Maybe I should get a job at Home Depot. They seemed to be moving towards an anti-social route. The new store had opened over the last couple of weeks and was conveniently located next to to the food store. I had busted my tenant's sink last night trying to fix a leak so I need to get some washers and two nuts. Go ahead, insert joke here. Anyway, I know what I need, but I get a brain freeze on the size just as I walk into the plumbing section. I forget what size the pipes for kitchen sinks (1 1/2 for kitchen, 1 1/4 for bathroom). I am pretty sure it is 1 1/2 but figure I will ask one of the Home Depot experts. If I could find one. There is a girl walking around, doing some stocking but whenever she comes towards me she quickly goes down another aisle. Helpful worker there.

I then decide I will check a kitch sink basket for the size. That will work just as well. But I can't find any. None. I give up the search and go check out. There they have the automated checkout systems. Guess having another person to ignore you is too much. I play with the thing and am soon on my way. The part were correct and the leak is gone.

Wow, that was rather anticlimactic.


River Driver said...

Sorry about the lousy days...

Got some lyrics for you:
Alcohol, by Barenaked Ladies

Alcohol, my permanent accessory
Alcohol, a party-time necessity
Alcohol, alternative to feeling like yourself
O Alcohol, I still drink to your health

I love you more than I did the week before
I discovered alcohol

Forget the cafe latte, screw the raspberry iced tea
A Malibu and Coke for you, a G&T for me
Alcohol, Your songs resolve like
my life never will
When someone else is picking up the bill

I love you more than I did the week before
I discovered alcohol
O Alcohol, would you please forgive me?
For while I cannot love myself
I'll use something else

I thought that Alcohol was just for those with
nothing else to do
I thought that drinking just to get drunk
was a waste of precious booze
But now I know that there's a time
and there's a place where I can choose
To walk the fine line between
self-control and self-abuse

I love you more than I did the week before
I discovered alcohol
Would you please ignore that you
found me on the floor
Trying on your camisole?
O Alcohol, would you please forgive me?
For while I cannot love myself
I'll use something else.

Blonde said...

Where you able to find 2 nuts suitable to your liking?

Sorry about your fall. I know that it hurts, but it is funny to be an innocent bystander that witnesses that shit.

Maybe the dots were from looking at my breasts on my blog in a polka dot bikini.

StB said...

Yes, Blonde, I got my nuts aligned to my liking. Or so as I could live.

First thing I did was look around to see if anyone saw me smack down on my ass. Yeah, if it wasn't me, I would have laughed.

I wish. I had it as my pc background for a while. I am looking for the upgrade...