Friday, February 17, 2006

Baby its cold outside

And only getting colder.

That is winter. We have had it too easy this season so it should not be a shocker to anyone. But yesterday was pretty weird. It was like a weather buffet. Blizzard with white out conditions. Sleet. Thunder. Lightening. High winds. Rain. Snow. About the only weather we didn't experience yesterday was a tornado. I hear they got that in Indiana.

I used the weather as an excuse to cut out of here 15 minutes early. The county does a very good job clearing the freeways so the ride home was a breeze. I had the pleasure of shoveling 2 inches of freezing slush after work. That will give the back a nice workout. Plus I get to shovel more frozen snow tonight since my brother never bothers to head over to ma's house. Bastard!

So with the weather on the the side of 'suck', I have chosen wisely to take on the 24 in 24 challenge on this day. I know I will be in dire need of a drink when I get home. Plus they expect the wind chill to be in the range of -20 to -34 tonight. I will even go ahead and live blog the event. Yes, live blogging a drinking experiment. I may not be up to Dr. Pauly standards, but what the hell. By the way, go read Dr. Pauly's daily reports on the LA Poker Classic. Good stuff even if you are not a player.

I have my game plan laid out. I finalized it in my head at the bar last night. Had to prime the pump. Offhand, it sounds like this should be easy. The concept is simple. Can you drink 24 beers in 24 hours? The catch is that you can only drink one beer per hour. You may drink other beverages but you MUST drink a beer an hour. Sounds very simple. It is like living your normal life but having that beer every hour. My friend argued that your body would get to a saturation point from the alcohol. That yes, you can drink a lot in a short time, but you can sleep it off too. Sleep under the 24 in 24 challenge is choppy. Yes, you can sleep. This is not a stay awake for 24 hours and drink beer challenge.

Trying to sleep for about 50 minutes each hour may be the toughest part along with waking up. You may think that you can sleep for the hour, wake up, slam a beer and go back to sleep. That may work but I will guess that dragging your ass out of bed just to slam a beer is not as easy as it sounds at 5 in the morning.

My intent is to do everything I would normally do on a Friday night/Saturday. That includes meals, morning coffee, some water throughout the day. The only difference is I will stay in tonight and play some poker. I plan to go out tomorrow. In that case, I hope to find someone to pick my ass up as I may be sloshed. I guess we will find out. But I picture having the last beer like finishing the marathon in the Summer Olympics. Running into the stadium (bar), crowd cheering (drunks looking to see who walked in and grunting), and receiving a gold medal (a bottle cap?).

This will either be one of the silliest things I have done or it may be tough. We will only know by giving it a go. Oh, I should be on Yahoo! IM all night too. Stop by for a toast. You can find me at: beercitystb.

Until the tap off...


AWE said...

Good luck dude, you are an inspiration.

iamhoff said...

You are the wind beneath my wings! We'll be cheering you on, and your trophy will be a roll of toilet paper. I'm thinking you're gonna need it.

djw said...

Steve, I'm ready to try the challenge again so maybe we can have our own little Olympic game. Let me know when you are going to start and let's see if we both make it to the finish line.