Thursday, February 16, 2006


No, not the tasty treat you may find at Dairy Queen. I am talking snow flying all over the place. I do not need to be some meteorological dork to tell you that we are having a blizzard outside. Close to a white out even.

Kinda nice to be inside though the drive home will be a bitch!

Speaking of snow, I was out shoveling at 5:30 this morning, cleaning the sidewalk. I noticed a car come down the street, slow down and stop. I was about to hit the ground and yell "Drive by!!!" but realized it was the just the paperboy. Wait. Since when do paperboys drive?

I watched some more as they drove down another 6 houses, popped the parking brake on and got out. It was a lady delivering the papers. I gave her a "good morning" and was tempted to tell her to throw the paper all the way to the porch instead of leaving it on the steps but did not. I think I was busy thinking how much can someone make delivering papers if they are able to do so with a car. Is the paper paying out mad money to have their product delivered?

Still snowing hard. And no tasty treat to speak of.


iamhoff said...

Drive safe going home. And no tasty treats? You don't keep the office stocked? I'm stunned!

J. Gambino said...

There have not been "paperboys" at Milwaukee's major newspaper in years. They are all driver routes now. Once the company switched everyone to payment in advance, the young kids went by the wayside. They pay for crap still though, but they do reimburse mileage if you use your own car.

Huge Junk said...

You can't fault somebody for trying to earn some cash, but aren't there at least a FEW jobs that might pay more than delivering papers nowadays?

But I guess the hours are good for the elderly workforce.

So how long until you start delivering papers Stb?


StB said...

Where do you think I get my poker money from?