Friday, February 17, 2006

Beer 2 and the fear is realized already

Yes, the fear is hitting me right away. No not a fear of not making it through the next 23 hours. The fear that the time between beers would feel like an eternity. It was only 40 minutes but seemed like an hour.

Maybe it would have helped if I wasn't eating the hot and spicy chicken tenders. A beer would have gone great with them.

As I drink I am also playing some poker on Full Tilt and PokerRoom. Let's see if I can make some money while the day gets longer.

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Hey Jo said...

You can do it... what about downing a beer right after the top of the hour and then sleeping for about an hour 45 minutes then you would have 15 minutes to down the next beer in that hour? Is that allowed in your rules?? I'll check back later to see how it is going.

ps.. hubby is on FT tonite as well look him up...he is crabby cuz he has been getting good hands that have been getting beat in the end.