Friday, February 17, 2006

Beer 3 as sweet as can be

A funny thing happened today. I had forgotten to get my supplies for this mission yesterday. So I popped into Bert's Liquor to get my brews. I stood there looking at the cooler and couldn't find a case of Lite in bottles. There was the 6 pack, the 12 pack, even the 18 pack. But no cases. I spoke with the guy in charge (Bert?) about whether they had cases of bottles.

Nope. Bert's carries cases of cans only. So of course I had to buy the 12 and 18 packs. Maybe that is a sign I should go for 30 hours....

Jo, that would be considered cheating. It would break the spirit of the challenge. It is to be down one beer an hour, basically an hour apart. That would be a wussy way out.

On another note, I just about fell on my ass in the bathroom. My cleaning lady came over and did her job. I guess a clean floor does not have as much traction as I am used to.

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All Things Dave said...

I'm rooting for you as you down a brew each hour!

Good luck!