Saturday, February 18, 2006

Beer 22

I think they are on to me. Maybe they heard about this. It is just the bottle caps tossed into a bucket. But maybe they view it as me ripping the helmets off of their brethren. I don't know but I do not like what I am seeing in the kitchen.

I hope it is a good thing. Last thing I need is a bottle over the head.

They really do not look like they are up to any good. They were all bunched up just minutes ago. Now they look like an army in formation. Are they going to attack?

Meanwhile I just came in 2nd in a SnG. I am playing the Royal Tournament on PokerRoom right now. I must admit I am now having trouble focusing. The proof is right here.

On the weather front, we have broken into positive territory at 1 degree. Yeah, I am celebrating.


djw said...

I'll be leaving for the bar about 4:00, do you want a ride?

StB said...

Thanks for the offer but that is too early. I am in a tournament right now. Hopefully I will catch you up there in a couple.