Saturday, February 18, 2006


Yes, they are segregated from the others. 3 bottles have been moved from the pack. Forced to chill on their own. They know their fate.

My belly.

It is an honor. They are the last in the Challenge. Soon to be over. Just 3 more hours to go. Beer 20 is being enjoyed. Thoroughly.

I must say that I do not consider this to be a major feat. This is like find a tall mountain and climbing it simply because it is there. Yeah, someone else will find a bigger mountain to climb. But you must train for the bigger mountains by climbing the smaller ones.

I thought I would feel more of a buzz around this time. I thought that their would be a saturation point. I guess my liver is truly trained to handle this. I am so proud of that organ right now. Pardon me while I wipe away the tears.

I should probably eat something.


djw said...

I can get us a ride to the bar, and probasbly one home too. Let me know.

djw said...

do you have any idea why I can't publish my posts. All I get is ERRORS and PERMISSION DENIED

StB said...

Not sure what is going on there. Try opening a new browser.

If I have a problem, I will let you know.