Saturday, February 18, 2006

Beer 25!!!

I feel like I have entered the bonus round. I finished my beer and got another one. Because I could!

I am close to weeping.

I think I forgot to mention one thing. It is damn tough to wake your ass up in during the night just to drink a beer. It is ridiculous. Yet I did it.

Only because it was a mountain I wanted to climb. And because I am a man of science. My field is Alcohology.


fredrick said...

Ok now this sad when i don't even have to be up and i am when you guys are. But i have done it again i am still up and it is 5 30 in the morning still damm cold out(-1.2 degrees) so yeah i worked for 14 hours and had about hour and half of sleep in the last two days figure. I didn't pass out i just rested lol I HATE THE LITTLE DOTS.......

Lawdog1214 said...

Congratulations on your accomplishment.

One day I plan on doing this.

You horror story of waiting for a beer every hour brings me to the conclusion that I must go for 2 beers an hour for 48 beers in 24 hours. I wonder how I will do, or if I actually find the time to do it.