Sunday, February 19, 2006

Beer 38

I kept on going through the night and- Nah just kidding.

After consuming beer 25, I took a much needed shower and headed out to Big Mommas to see how DJW was doing. He had headed up to the bar for his final two beers. He gave me a welcome like I had just finished a mission to the moon. I thought there might be a ticker tape parade going on.

DJW seemed a little fucked up to me. I know he had a couple of shots last night (within the rules of the challenge because it can happen in normal routine of life) but it didn't sound like more than 3 or 4 and 12 hours later shouldn't have you fucked up. He had a can of Pabst in front of him. He had mixed his beer between Lite and Pabst. It wasn't the Pabst that was fucking him up. The alcohol difference between the two is rather negligible. 5 vs 4.2. Even still, the human liver should be able to handle it.

We did a shot (Makers thank you) to celebrate the nonsense and had a couple more beers. I stayed for about 3 or 4 hours before taking off. I had intended to grab something to eat there but wanted a real pizza instead of frozen.

I drank my normal amount during the time at the bar and didn't feel any more drunk than if I hadn't had a beer in days. The bottom line on the 24 in 24 challenge is that the choppy sleep pattern will have more of a toll on your body than the beer will.

So what is next? Lawdog thought of 48 beers in 24 hours. That is interesting. My guess is that no sleep would be achieved then. Sounds like a valid Vegas experiment. Otis had the friend who did 100 beers in 72 hours. Of course my brain wrestled with the calculations of doing that. Doable, but there would need to be a reward of some kind to devote 3 days to drinking beer. Wait, I do that all the time.

I guess there are all kinds of variations. Maybe the next 24 hour challenge would be shot and a beer. Could be just shots. Could be malt liquor (tossing back 24 Mickey's hand grenades. Fun!) Could be 24 craft beers. Maybe the best one would be to have people makes various suggestions of beers or drink and mix it all together. The beer could change from hour to hour or based on the wheel spin.

See the things you think of when you are waiting for the top of the hour to come so you can have a beer?

I think I am heading out to catch the race today. Not a huge NASCAR fan, but I follow it. Another good reason to go out and have some more beer. I just need to remember to be home for the Full Tilt tourney at 5.


AWE said...

Congrats. Thanks for the information Professor, remember it's all in the name of science. I bet 48 in 24 would get you hammered.

Lawdog1214 said...

48 in 24 may get you hammered or it may not, but isn't it all in the name of science to try. I think being drunk along the process of the experiment would make it all worth while. I've personally done 24 beers in a approximately a 4 hour period. Granted I was hammered, but 48 in 24 hours seems like a solid challenge.

StB said...

The whole not getting drunk process was a severe letdown. I had expected more.

Erik said...

Congratulation on your victory. For a next challenge, try an Hour of Power. A shot of beer once a minute for an hour. It puts you on the express train for inebriation.

djw said...

That Sounds Like Fun!!! Maybe I'll try it this weekend.

sellthekids said...

in college we played The Century Club almost every weekend for about a year.

The Century Club is 100 1oz shots of beer in 100 minutes. that is roughly 9 beers in an hour and a half. sounds reasonable, no?

trust me, 9 beers in 100 minutes is a lot. to add fun and excitement, we appointed a scribe and at each shot we gave a movie quote. nothing was more fun than reading the list of quotes the next day, seeing at about #87 the writing go sideways and the penmanship drop to the level of a 6 year old.

usually someone would puke before the 100 completed. if you puke, you're out. tough.

for giggles, we played a double century once. only 3 of about 10 people finished it; i was one of those 3.

sure, this is borderline alcohol abuse and grounds for a 12 Step program, but hey, in a baptist run college town, what else are you going to do?!

JD said...

First off, fun series of posts.

Now my drunkard 2 cents: IMO, you took twice as long as you needed to, hence the boredom of waiting for a beer and the lack of inebriation. (And the lack of quality sleep will tend to mess you up almost as much as significant inebriation.) Have you tried 24 beers in 12 hours, a beer every half hour instead of every hour? I tried this 3 times in college, noon to midnight. Third time was the charm, first two attempts ended messy. The trick: Remember to eat. Seriously - have food on hand and reminders for when to eat it.

Power hour and century club can also be lots of fun.