Saturday, February 18, 2006

The between the beers post

As I had mentioned, when going back to bed over the night hours, I had trouble falling asleep. Though I would have a full 45 minutes available, I was probably getting a half hour tops in.

During those times, my mind would wander. Just after posting an update, I checked on Dave's progress and called him a twat. I was going to type up something that said I wouldn't mind a nice one in front of me but decided to keep this PG. Oh wait...too late I guess.

One other thing I was thinking about, don't ask me why or how I came onto this one, was the band Britney Fox. I had bought the CD when it first came out. Still love the song Long Way to Love. The bass line hooked me from the beginning. But as I lay there, I came to the realization this band was very typical of the 80s. There are really only 3 good songs on the disc. Girlschool, which is overrated but good, and Gudbuy t' Jane, which isn't even something they wrote.

But look at these guys. They were the epitome of the 80s late to the party glam band. Look at the hair. And the guy with the black hair acting like he is Gene Simmons. Too funny. But they had some decent music so I will give them a bit of credit. But their ballad of Save the Weak must have been about themselves because the song itself was damn weak.

Now that I have tracked down the Britny Fox website, I cannot help but chuckle. They had 3 albums, a live one, and even a BEST OF! How? But to their credit, they did release a disc 3 years ago. I wonder if they still have the hair?

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djw said...

I owe you a big THANK-YOU. I was all set to quit until I saw your comment calling me a twat. There was NO WAY I could stop after that. See you at the finish line?