Saturday, February 18, 2006

Beer 14

In memory of the fallen

And welcome to Beer 14. The sun is breaking over the horizon and flooding my living room with sunlight. It is a winter wonderland outside. Looks nice but it damn frigid. Kinda like my last date. But even colder. It is -11 outside. Today's high is suppose to be 8. Not much of a high if you ask me. I picked a good day to sit inside and drink.

I had awoken in a panic thinking I had not set the alarm and had overslept. Once I got out of bed and noticed that I was 7 minutes early, I felt better. So I went to get the paper. I looked out and saw it on the steps.

^@#@%^&@%!$! paper person!!! It is fuckin' cold out there. They cannot expect me to go out 4 feet to fetch a paper. Damn, I need to find out how the Wisconsin Badger hockey team did. So I open the door and run out in bare feet to grab the paper. Yeah, I could have put shoes on but it was only 4 feet (screw you that noticed I bitched that 4 feet was too far but not it isn't far). I walk out on the porch to get the paper and hear the wood creaking, LOUDLY, under my feet. It was like I was walking on a patch of thin ice. With ever step I took, it sounded like it might give out underneath me.

I grabbed the paper and noticed right away that it was light. Damn. They delivered only the Saturday Wall Street Journal. WTF? Now I have to call them and find out what the hell is going on.

Bastards. I just signed up online and updated my account. So I call and am told that my card was declined. After laughing at them for a small amount of time, I give them the number again and they promise a paper within an hour.

In the meantime, I will read what I need to online. Time to make coffee. Unless freddie is bringing some over. C'mon girl, you can do it!


AlCantHang said...

Absolutely brilliant. I should have joined you with the challenge.

I'm up and running, give me a "dial-a-beer" for your next one.

Aleta said...

Mornin Steve...I had total faith that you'd make it through the night.

Hey Jo said...

Just got up and was glad to see that you are still going strong!!

StB said...

Strong?? Of course. I may be slightly demented from lack of sleep. Or that is just the excuse I am using now.

You and Aleta should jump on the wagon with Al and join me for a drink...