Saturday, February 18, 2006


I forgot to mention I had my daily vitamin with the last beer. I wonder if that negates the purpose?

I am having my morning coffee now. Al is taunting me by enjoying more than one beer an hour. Bastard! I just washed some dishes and came up with an idea. I will put it into play and hopefully have something later to report.

I have made it through the night hours and figure the rest of the day will be a breeze.

I have a bunch of Richard Cheese to listen to now. I first heard him on the remade version of the movie Dawn of the Dead. It was Disturbed's Down with the Sickness. It cracked me up. It was not only good, but it hit a genre I enjoy. Totally different remakes of songs that you would not expect. Plus, I admit it, I like lounge.

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