Saturday, February 18, 2006

In my darkest hours

Beer 16 is here. And I feel refreshed.

Have talked with Al on the IM thingermabob. The whole concept of one beer an hour keeps you from being legally intoxicated seems to be oh too true right now.

The vitamin I took with the beer was one of those Omega 3s. Fish oil. It is kinda gross right now because if I belch, it tastes like a tuna fish sandwich. It tastes disgusting.

Only one thing to do...get rid of the taste with more beer. Thankfully the top of the hour is here. Who is with me???

Badger hockey team won! Nice. Story in the Journal about Yost turning the Brewers into a "surprise" team. Hey, I love the Brew Crew. But I will not get emotionally attached into them making the playoffs. Yet. I must get through half of spring training for that!


djw said...

i almost tossed my cookies with that tuna fish comment. I actually am eating cookies right now.

StB said...

Hey, I was the one who was burping it up. Just wasn't right.