Monday, February 27, 2006


I watched Grizzly Man on the Discovery Channel last night. The guys on the radio have been talking about the movie for a couple of weeks, talking about how the guy was a total whack job speaking the way he did to these bears. Of course the guy gets eaten, but we do not get some nice footage of that. But we do get to watch someone slowly get crazier and crazier.

Another fun thing about the movie was the interviews they did with friends. They come off like B-movie actors. This is some really bad acting. The people don't seem natural. Especially the coronor. They didn’t have much to add to the story except they were really weird. It does lead credence to those who think the movie is a hoax. If you do see it, get it on DVD, or record it. They had commercials running every 6 minutes. Totally annoying.

I wonder if watching Grizzly Man led me to having a dream about being followed around by a gorilla. I was at work, just doing my job like I normally would, except a gorilla was following me around. Even when I tried to ditch the gorilla, something would happen (like a co-worker not closing a door) and it would catch up. It was not like it was chasing me, just following. Until I ran into a Panda bear. At that point I woke up so I do not know if there was an epic battle of animals behind me.

Why do you always wake up when the dream gets good?

I sat around staring at my expensive hole in the ceiling. Thankfully everything turned out good and it only cost me an arm. I get to keep my leg and left testicle. At least for now.


AWE said...

Glad to hear your plumbing is fixed and you get to keep your other plumbing.

As for the gorilla/panda thing, you should probably take tomorrow off and try to wash that shit out of your system tonight.

dinane said...

Do you ever read PvP? Brent, one of the main characters, has an epic battle with Pandas.