Saturday, February 25, 2006

It wasn't me

I heard on the news yesterday a story of a beer trailer that was reported missing. It was found a couple days later on the other side of town with it's contents gone. More than 25000 cans and bottles of Miller were taken.

Now, some people may have seen me dumping a large quantity of beer bottles into the garbage the other day. But I don't want anyone to bet any ideas. I am not behind the beer heist.

Though with all that beer I could throw one helluva party!


Aleta said...

Sure it wasn't you...uh huh...right

Erik said...

I'm sure it wasn't you. Miller already has tracking devices in your house anyway. ;)

WhisKeYGyrL said...

MHM surrrrre...Not you...Heard that before and I find that hard to believe... Do you have receipts for the contents you were dumping the other day??? Proof of purchase?? =) How did the plumbing situation turn out?? Or shouldn't I ask???