Saturday, February 18, 2006


It is just past 5 in the morning here. It sure would be nice if it was summertime now. That way I could grab beer number 12 and go sit on the porch. Then when the lady comes to deliver my paper, I could raise a bottle to her and say "Good Morning! Care for a beer?"

Instead that bitch will probably put the paper on the first landing, causing me to go down the steps to get the paper and freeze my ass off. It is only -9 degrees!!!That is officially fucking cold. Wait, the local channel claims it is -13 with a wind chill at -32.

Currently at this pace, it takes me 10 minutes to get up and drink the beer.


fredrick said...

Dude i am so proud of you i am still awake also except i have to work in 6 hours keep going strong

StB said...

Is that in going to make food? If so, I will take the chicken special and some poppers.

For delivery.


See what happens when you don't sleep right. You make those damn smiley faces!