Saturday, February 18, 2006

Beer 13

Anyone heading out to work? Coming home from the bars?

Let's open the forum up for questions. Go ahead. Ask a question.

I have noticed that each time I go back to get some sleep, it takes me longer to nod off. That sucks. Maybe next hour I call it and stay up. Make some coffee and see what is going on in the world.


fredrick said...

coffee where when i need some to stay awake through out the day java java java meet up for coffee and put a beer in the car come on we will even get dave to come

StB said...

Are you nuts? I ain't going outside. Why don't you get some coffee and bring it to me?

Pick up Dave on the way.

djw said...

as Moe would say "Wha Wha Wha Wha What?!?

djw said...

did she say she would get me to come?