Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hear that?

That was me screaming cuz the top of the hour is upon us. Thank the Lord!

Beer 17. I only know because there is just one beer left from the 18 pack in the fridge. Soon I wil bust into the twelver.

Having breakfast right now. I was busy beating my meat. No gutter brains, not that. I was tenderizing some steak for the Foreman grill. Now I am chowing down.

I took some umbrage to a letter someone had sent to SirAlCantHang. Penned it after getting home from the bar on Thursday. I don't think I totally got my point across but did a decent effort. My point is simple. Milwaukee ain't perfect. But the city offers quite a bit for people year round. Lots more happening around year than people know about.

I may go back and read some of the stuff I posted during the night. I won't change it. That would be wrong.

BTW, this is a breeze. Maybe next time it will be shot and a beer....


THG said...

This may well be the finest live blogging experiment ever.

All Things Dave said...

Glad to hear things are going well.

Maybe have a shot of the ol' Makers Mark to go along with beer #24.

StB said...

Thanks thg!

Dave, I like the way you think. Excellent idea!

Oh shit! I don't have any Makers in the house. Guess I will have to go to the bar...