Saturday, February 18, 2006


Let's get Twisted!

Twisted Sister videos were pretty damn good. Playing their electric twangers and all.

I have started playing poker for the day. Pissed me off when some dickweed calls a big preflop bet with K 8 suited. Idiot hits his king and I go home now.

I am making my plans for later today. My truck may not be working later. The dreaded "engine light" popped on yesterday. I talked with my mechanic today and he made it sound like it most likely isn't a serious issue. Thus I could drive to the bar later.

In the meantime, I am watching Metal Mania on VH1 Classic thanks to the tip of Al. Good shit there.

Still cold outside.

1 comment:

Aleta said...

It's not just cold outside...It's God almighty Cold OUtside..-9 when we took the grandson to basketball.-5 when we came out, so I guess it's warming up a tad.
Glad to see you're still going strong...check on you later