Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hey, it is on time

Dave, I do not answer corn questions. Ask an expert on BB guns about that one. Just be happy that beer #20 is going down.

I feel like a manic depressive right about now. That is if I understand what exactly that means. The top of the hour comes and I run to the fridge to get the refreshing elixir. 20 minutes later I am depressed that it is gone.

Plus I am feeling hyper. Hyper does not translate well into poker. But I will survive.

But now it seems my challenge is pitiful compared to what Otis has witnessed. 100 beers in 72 hours. I tip my cap to that. That is impressive. A whole different strategy would need to be put into place. Yet, I feel like I have done something like that in Vegas. Still impressive. Thanks Otis for the goodwill. We can toast it at the Boathouse in September.

I feel the home stretch will be quite easy now. I am playing in the Royal Tournament on PokerRoom at 3. I feel I play well after having a couple so I hope to do well.

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AWE said...

You still going? How's the bladder?