Saturday, February 18, 2006

Another tween the beers post

I have mail. Not email. Regular mail. But I don't know if I will bother to go outside to get it.

It is -2 outside. The sun is shining and it is still fuckin' cold. Hey, it comes with the territory. I have no major problem with that.

Major problem. One simple gripe of life (maybe some day I will list them all- believe me, they are not major) is that there should never be a day when the "high" temperature is a negative number. It just feels like an oxymoron. A high cannot be a negative number. Then again we have about 10 more hours in the day for it to get warmer.

I am not holding my breath.

Thanks for the ideas Bonovox on an official name. Right now it is the 24 in 24 Challenge. Yeah, not very exciting or sexy but it gets the point across. And AWE, the bladder is doing fine. I pee like a race horse once an hour. It may be cruel to suggest that part of the challenge is limited urination.

Also, I did give my friend Tim a call today. He was the one who originally brought up the concept one summer afternoon at the Barbary Coast. He gets credit for the idea, not me. Hopefully he will give me a buzz back.

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djw said...

24/24 in 24. One beer-one piss an hour for 24 hours!?!