Wednesday, February 22, 2006

the HH craving

I do not know what it was yesterday. Maybe it was the concept of "cup o' pizza" that got me there. But when I was done working out, I had a mad craving. But it wasn't for cup o' pizza.

Remember in the Steve Martin movie, the Jerk, where he gets his hands on the cup of pizza equipment? Best cup of pizza ever! Part of me wants to start making cup o' pizza. I had to go to the store and was thinking of exactly what I would need to make cup o' pizza.

But then my mind suddenly shifted gears and I knew what I was going to be eating. Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger Mac. Don't ask. I just remember loving this as a kid. I haven't had it in at least 25 years. Seriously. I figured if it was good back then, with modern technology and all, it had be be even better.

And it was good. I was happy. I was content. It even gave me a boost in the poker game. Until I ran into pocket rockets twice within 5 or 6 hands, then I was done.

So was my good mojo. About 10:30, I headed off to bed when I heard this dripping sound. It was close. Too close. I looked in my closet and lo and behold, most of my clothes were soaked. Fuckin great!

I pulled all the soaked stuff out and set them out to dry. Guess I am doing laundry tonight. I then moved all the dry stuff out, got a chair (ladder is out in the garage) and removed the ceiling tiles that were installed two years ago when I had a similar problem. Of course some of the tiles were soaked. I looked up into the dark ceiling when I realized that, duh, a flashlight would work better.

Yeah, a flashlight. Where is it?

I had one of those rechargable plug in jobbers but that stopped working. I couldn't find the old cheap one I had either so I was just reaching up towards the pipe feeling around. Kinda like my date did (rim shot!).

I did find the problem. It may not be as bad as it seemed. Oh, it ain't good. But it is something I may be able to take care of. I will make the attempt tonight. It is the difference between ten and a thousand bucks to get the leak stopped so I might as well give it a shot. If I fail, guess who isn't working on Friday?


Blonde said...

I can't believe you ate that crap. When I was a kid, I loved that mac in cheese in a box made with powdered cheese. I would sooner eat cat shit then eat that today.

Miss you STB!!! I am blogging again.

AWE said...

I don't want to even think about a leak in the house.

J. Gambino said...

hope your leak is an easy fix. I am sorry you had to feel around on your pipe in the dark.

StB said...

C'mon Blonde. I am sure there was something you ate as a kid that you would totally dig now. You are probably a Spaghetti-Os girl aren't ya?

Funny happened Gambino. I got a hold of my pipe. After trying to get the proper grip, I found it leaking heavily. Then it stopped. But I was finally able to get to sleep.

Blonde said...

I have never in my life eaten Spaghetti-os. I swear on my tits.

The only childhood things I like to eat are candy. We weren't allowed to eat it as kids, so I eat way too much candy now.

BTW, sorry about the leak. Water in any form is a homeowners worst nightmare...I know all too well.

elisabeth said...

cheeseburger hamburger helper. i loved it as a kid too. about twice a year i decide i HAVE to have some. my significant other thinks i'm warped.

i'm a relatively new reader (a week or so). fun reading.