Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Guess who is having a day off tomorrow, not Friday

Damn pipe.

It was pretty much what I expected. When I got home, I grabbed a hammer and ladder and went to work busting up the ceiling. I ripped it up pretty good, making one helluva mess.

I was quite disappointed when I saw the pipe. It was bad. Pitted in two spots. One was leaking and the other wasn't too far behind. So I called a plumber right away and got them out to fix it.

Uh, yeah. Ignore that last sentence. That is what I knew I would end up doing. What I would do tonight was different. Instead of doing the right thing, I went to the hardware store determined to get a pipe clamp and put this repair off for months.

Got what I needed, came home and wrenched the bastard down. Hmmm.....why is it leaking more? This is suppose to stop the pipe from leaking. &$&%*#(%#%%^@@#!$(**$%#!!!!!!!!

Yes, my repair made it worse. But it still isn't something that can wait until morning. I just had to tell the renters not to use the kitchen sink as I believe this is the drain pipe.

I am going to polish off what beer I have in the house, eat the rest of the HH (until you help with my meat Blonde, that is what I am eating), and watch TV. Probably too angry to play poker.

I will do that tomorrow while the plumber works.


Aleta said...

Good Luck...I have a hubbie who hates everything to do with plumbing. As soon as he goes to tighten or fix a pipe will break and turn into a long project. It's all a racket I tell ya.

AWE said...

At least you got to tear some shit up.

WhisKeYGyrL said...

Have fun with that!!! =)