Thursday, February 23, 2006

I guess I picked the wrong day to give up quaaludes

Well, the news is about what I expected. Unfortunately, though, it could get uglier.

It took a turn for the worse already. Well, just kinda. They won't be able to get the job done today. The guy came, looked at it, grunted and sighed many a time, and said he would be back tomorrow.

So do I go into work and not waste a vacation day, or stay home and drink.

Let me get some input from my friend Mr. Miller. Well, Mr. Miller took off his cap and said "Fuck it!", get drunk!

So I have a 4 day weekend coming. Hey, ya gotta look at the bright side somehow. It was like the guy yesterday who asked how things were. When I answer I have a plumbing issue, he responded "Well, you have your health". WTF does that mean? I felt like punching him in the nose and saying "Well, you don't".

So I guess I will sit around at home, play poker and get polluted. Enjoy your day at work!


WhisKeYGyrL said...

Well at least someone is having fun!! =) BTW, the guy ment at least your not laid up in the hospital in a coma, while your pipes are leaking! Enjoy your weekend... <3 =)

AWE said...

You could start the 48 in 24 challenge.
I had to much last night and had to be in early today. I am paying the piper.

Lawdog1214 said...

I think it would be a good idea to have a group effort for the 48 in 24. That would be some kind of special event.

Blonde said...

Where can you still get quaaludes?