Friday, February 10, 2006

I have 1 week to prepare

There is one thing I like about driving. It give me time to think. Having a drive time of about 20 minutes each day, I am able to sort things out (when not in an alcohol induced haze). Sometimes I solve the world's problems but forget them by the time I get home.

My thoughts range over various topics and nude female body parts. In fact, I just about rear-ended a car yesterday because I was checking out the chick in the car next to me. She had a white sweater on and some perky kittens trying to get out.

But I digress.

Let's see, where was I? Oh yeah, 1 week to prepare. Prepare for what you ask? The 24 hour challenge. I have decided to take it on next week. Friday to be exact. I will chronicle the experiment right here. If I can, I may even try to get my digital camera to capture my drunkeness so I can upload it.

You can check the link for details on the challenge. I have decided that the start time should be 6 pm. That way I can get out of work and grab the first of 24 beers. I will also set an alarm somewhere to remind me to reset the alarm clock so I can wake up for a brewski every hour on the hour.

I don't think it will be that tough, but the accumulation of beer over a 24 hour period could take its toll. I still think waking up every hour, the sporadic sleep cycle, will be the toughest part to overcome. But it will be undertaken.

I think I am heading to church tonight as well. For poker of course! There is another smoker going on and I am pretty sure I will be there. Depends on how much snow falls today.

I hate to scare my friend, the Wig, but there is news he need to know about so he can adjust his stock appropriately. Get your Stoli now James! The vodka lines are dead.

I can always get you some whisky. Speaking of which, today I am wearing my new Maker's Mark polo shirt at work. I am curious to see how long it take for someone to notice and comment on it. So far it has been one hour and nothing has been said. I am hoping someone claims it is "inappropriate" and send me home. That would be funny because I could point out many others who wear clothes that aren't quite business casual. Besides, I work in the penthouse here, no one notices us anyway.


AWE said...

24 in 24. That sounds kind of rough for me. I could do like 8 then sober up, then 8, then the last 8, but doing one during the night would be rough. I don't know if I could wake myself up. I bet there won't be any Maker's in that 24 hours.

djw said...

I think that was ONE of my problems when I tried the 24 in 24. I tried to stay awake for the entire time instead of catching a little sleep once in a while.

Erik said...

24 in 24 wouldn't be too bad, but I wouldn't start it after work. I'd start after I woke up on Saturday and would keep going until Sunday at the same time without sleeping. A few beverages with caffeine and a few things to do in the wee hours of the morning and you'd be fine. Maybe I need to go for the record if you don't manage it. Good luck on it anyway.

Blonde said...

The only place in the world that I can stay up for 24 hours straight drinking and survive it is in Vegas. For some reason, I can drink like crazy and have little sleep and still make it.

Good luck! Can't wait to see and read about this one!

Are you going to dial a shot during this????? I will leave my phone on for a change...

WhisKeYGyrL said...

I think you should hold off and try the 24 in 24 at group we can all witness your experience and make sure it is done correctly!!! ;) BTW, since you avoided my ? in your last post.... you are baking for us right?!? =)

StB said...

Whisky, I am not cooking. I can go to the store and buy muffins. Why cook?